Belcea Quartet

Beethoven in mysterious company



VIOLINS Corina Belcea & Axel Schacher
VIOLA Krzysztof Chorzelski
CELLO Antoine Lederlin


    BEETHOVEN String quartet op. 130 and op. 133 ‘‘in mysterious company’‘

The Belcea Quartet offers an extraordinary concert whose objective is to set in perspective one of Beethoven’s most impressive scores: the Thirteenth Quartet and its Great fugue, which will be performed along with quotes or movements from other works, written before or after, with which it resonates. The challenge taken up by the London-based quartet is to reveal how this music creates a bridge between past and future.

This concert is certain to be one of the most intriguing musical experiences of the season, with the nature of the programme, and the names of the other works, to be kept secret until the last moment.

Prepare to be amazed!

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  • October 2017
    • Tuesday 17 at 20:00
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From 5€ to 25€