Music in the City of Kings

Spain, Peru, Bolivia




    SOPRANOS Capucine Keller, Anne Magouët 
    MEZZO-SOPRANO Sarah Breton 
    ALTOS Paulin Bündgen, Pascal Bertin
    TÉNORS Hugues Primard, Vincent Bouchot
    BASSE Renaud Delaigue

    Stéphanie Erös violon
    Judith Pacquier cornet à bouquin / flûte à bec
    Adrien Reboisson chalémie, bombarde, flûtes
    Monika Fischaleck dulciane
    Christine Plubeau viole de gambe
    Elodie Peudepièce contrebasse
    Michèle Claude percussion
    Thibaut Roussel théorbe et guitare
    Florent Marie théorbe et guitare
    Laurent Stewart clavecin et orgue


    FRANCISCO CORREA DE ARAUJO Todo el mundo en general (procession)
    DIEGO DE SALAZAR Salga el torillo
    JUAN DE ARAUJO Silencio pasito | Toquen al arma | Al sentido confuso | Magnificat
    GUERRERO Duo Seraphim | Regina Caeli
    ANONYMOUS Salve a 8 | Salve | A la fiesta del corpus | Un monsieur y un estudiante

After exploring the musical treasures of Poland, Les Traversées Baroques fully live up to their name, embarking on the maritime routes of the Atlantic to the musical Eldorado of the Cordillera de los Andes. On the programme, musicians and composers from the 17th and 18th centuries who, while born in Spain, became musical and religious missionaries on the other side of the world.

The cast is as resplendent as the voyage. Anne Magouët, Capucine Keller (Ninfa in L’Orfeo, 2016/17 season), Sarah Breton, Paulin Bündgen, Pascal Bertin, Hugues Primard, Vincent Bouchot and Renaud Delaigue, who you would have been able to appreciate in the role of Caron in L’Orfeo last season at the Dijon Opera.

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  • November 2017
    • Saturday 18 at 20:00
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