Unknown Bach #3

Brice Pauset



*Harpsichord by Christoph Kern (Staufen in Breisgau 2013) based on Michael Mietke, Berlin ca. 1710 


    J.S. BACH
    Partita 3 in A minor BWV 827
    Toccata in C minor BWV 911
    Toccata in G major BWV 916
    Sonata in A minor (based on Sonata I from the Hortus Musicus by J. A. Reincken) BWV 965
    Chromatic fantasia and fugue (3rd version) BWV 903

The third instalment in the traversal of Johann Sebastian Bach’s unknown keyboard works proposed by Brice Pauset, launched last season at the Dijon Opera, this concert offers four magisterial scores from the Kantor. As in all concerts in the series, among the works will be one of the six Partitas composed in Leipzig between 1726 and 1731, masterpieces of the highest maturity from a composer at the peak of his genius, along with the Chromatic fantasia and fugue.

Join us in the intimate atmosphere of the Auditorium’s Grand Salon to (re)discover Bach!
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Grand salon de l’Auditorium
  • March 2018
    • Tuesday 06 at 20:00
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