Gilles Abegg


Photographer in residence

The Dijon Opera’s audiences are already quite familiar with the images of Gilles Abegg. Since the 2008-2009 season, he has created all of the visuals for the Opera with his attentive passion and incisive vision. His presence is a constant at all times throughout the daily life of this opera house – nearly 24/7 – from rehearsals of lyric productions to the activities of our ensembles in residence or associates, or the creative explorations of a given artist…

Gilles Abegg’s approach to photography is itself unique. Unaffected by the whims of fashion and ever vigilant to capture the full essence of the places and people he photographs within a single image, his work is one of discovery and personal contact. In line with other humanist photographers, but with the techniques and vision of our present day and age, enriched with literary, musical and pictorial references, he is always ready to subjugate himself to his subject. To better render unto the object of his attention its true value. A veal’s head on a market stall, the dance of wind turbines on the Morvan hills, the angular cry of stone blocks from the quarries of Burgundy, the textured woods and materials of a luthier’s workshop, a mass of water circling in the mist around the Faroe Islands or lost in the middle of the ocean, the face of a child, Gilles Abegg’s images have accompanied us for over three years. They beat with the heart of the city and region.

Today, after the success of three seasons devoted to the environs of Dijon and Burgundy (you have been quite numerous to ask us for posters), his work is now taking a new turn. In his exhibitions for the 2011–2012 season, Gilles Abegg becomes a Wanderer traversing a European winter, from Italy to Hungary. His vision is often unexpected, at times hard, funny or tender, but always in loving support of the works and composers you can discover in this season’s concert programmes, and – why not? – in a forthcoming exhibition…

Gilles Abegg has become a true travelling companion on this voyage of discovery, and thanks to his photographs, thanks to his connections with the artists and with the general public, he has been invaluable in reinforcing the image, the identity and the uniqueness of your Opera.

Photographe en résidence
à l’Opéra de Dijon depuis trois ans

Travaille avec l’équipe
sur la mise en situation
dans le territoire

La terre & l’air de Bourgogne

Le temps de la récolte

Dijon, Budapest, Rome,
Venise, Trieste, Dijon

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