The Opera & the business world

The Dijon Opera seeks to play a central role in the life of the city.

This is why the Opera continues to develop strong ties between the economic and cultural sectors throughout la Bourgogne. The Opera constitutes a key element in the attractiveness of the region, and contributes actively to economic development and the implantation of new enterprises. It encourages and works closely with the business community: more than 7 million euros are thus reinjected into the local economy.

To extend its reach and consolidate its development, the Dijon Opera in turn needs corporate support.

Patronage, partnerships, technological assistance, the sharing of expertise, the possibilities are limitless to work together to help bring about the harmonious development of our society.

Each of us, at our own level, can thus contribute to the construction of a society in which the values of liberty, equality, sharing, all hold their rightful place, because they will be built on solid foundations, where all the political, economic, social and cultural stakeholders, together, work for the well-being and development of one and all.

We are counting on you!

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Laurent Joyeux
General & artistic director

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- Venues for your events

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Emmanuelle Ansaldi
Déléguée au mécénat & aux partenariats entreprises
03 80 48 82 65
06 24 91 80 68

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