An English fairy tale

Claire-Marie Le Guay


PIANO Claire-Marie Le Guay 

Indefatigable wanderer of the world’s musical paths, Claire-Marie Le Guay invites us to follow her to the other side of the Channel. Those who have enjoyed her concerts, both young and old, know it well: the paths that this poetic and dreamy pianist loves to take are those that let the imagination run wild, where the spirit can open to the music along a playful itinerary filled with emotion. To which English fairy tale will Claire-Marie Le Guay this time lend her joyful, inventive spirit, with such delight and insight? Will she cast her eyes on the extraordinary adventures of Tom Thumb? Will she sit before a bowl of porridge with Goldilocks? One thing is certain: imagination will once again be given free reign, and the powerful music of the great British composers, the Lullaby repertoire and popular airs of the English countryside will be our special guide and inspire this escapade into the land of legend and fable.

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Grand Theatre
  • June 2020
    • Thursday 11 at 19:00
    • Friday 12 at 19:00
From 5€ to 10€
1h approximately

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